TOUCHED - The Film

                 "A thoroughly imaginative and genre-bending thriller, part ghost story, part psychological drama... Highly recommended."  -        (read full review)


Scene from "Touched"


"...Part ghost story, part psychological drama about a tenement landlord who's "touched" (ie:  not quite right in the head) and investigates the disappearance of one of his tenants- who talks to him in the form of her nine-year-old self.  Hugh Thompson is marvellous as the lead but he's gifted with a fantastic part."   

The story of an unlikely father figure and a nine-year-old girl, this dreamlike, dark and odd film creates a tender but disturbing portrait of human isolation, exploring both sociopathology and the fragile power of human kindness.




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"Touched in the head..."

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"...Touched by the hand of God"